An Operating Philosophy for Life

The FIT Experience guides individuals, organizations and coaches through a purposeful and integrated human experience. FIT allows individuals to value and invest in their own development and the development of others in order to create more connection, productivity, fulfillment and purpose in the world.

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What can FIT do for you?


Have you struggled with finding lasting health and wellness? We’ll show you how to get healthy, stick to your diet, and take control of your health.


FIT guides you through the process of finding lasting happiness. Learn tools like meditation, breathwork, and mindset techniques to cultivate your positive mindset.


Do you feel lost or disconnected from your life? We’ll guide you through the process of unlocking your purpose and move towards a life of fulfillment.


Coming in 2021!

Build Better Habits in the New Year

Want to create a positive lasting change in your life in 2021 and beyond? 2020 was a hard year for many of us, and we are aiming to flip the narrative and make it a catapult for growth.

Sign up to get on the waitlist for The FIT Experience’s February workshop where we will help you unlock your purpose and build the foundation for your life. Our workshops integrate cognitive, physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual well-being and are built to help you  create new habits and develop strategic plans for reaching your desired future state.

The FIT Curriculum

It starts with you.

The 5 Dimensions of FIT

The FIT Experience strives for a well-balanced life. We use the 5 dimension measurements across our life to discover where we are, who we are, and how we are. We use these measurements to create a concrete plan toward our envisioned future state. We call it: FIT in 5D.

The dimensions encompass all aspects of our lives. Cognitive, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial.

The FIT Assessment

By investing just 20 minutes of your day, you’ll discover how FIT you are, how balanced you are and your FIT archetype. You will also receive a full breakdown of your scores across the 5 key dimensions in your life.

The FIT Assessment will show you what you’re best at and where you can improve, so you can propel yourself into a more purposeful, passionate and fulfilling future.

The FIT Process

Your FIT Experience will guide you to a well-balanced and FIT life. We use the 5 dimension measurements to understand who we are and how we can improve. You will learn how the 5 dimensions are highly interdependent and how becoming FIT in one dimension enhances your FITness in other dimensions. We call it: FIT in 5D.

The dimensions encompass all aspects of our lives. Cognitive, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial.